We were sick of witnessing the same old story – squids hitting the road without proper gear and paying the price. Sometimes with their lives. But hey, we get it. Who wants to bake in gear that feels like a sauna and looks like a space suit when you're just heading out to grab some milk and bread?

"We should do something about it"

We put our heads together and thought, "Hang on, we practically live in hoodies because, let's be real, they're comfier than a cloud. What if our favorite hoodie could also double up as riding gear?"

Research, development, & too much coffee

A few months later we unveiled our masterpiece: the Shiny Side Up Armored Hoodie. Imagine the coziest pure cotton hoodie lined with Kevlar, with CE-approved impact protectors. It's like wearing a cloud that would also protect you in a crash.

Like Black Friday, but in May

Riders from every corner of the map went crazy for our brainchild! We kept selling these hoodies faster than we could make them. It got so crazy, we had to pump the brakes on marketing while we caught up with the orders.

But the real reward for all our efforts? Hearing stories from riders whose lives were saved by a Firemoto armored hoodie. That's the stuff that keeps us going.